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Information about accomodation
It is a small house in an ancient farm detached from the main house where we are living. It is in the country close to the river BELON, known by the OYSTERS. The sea enters in the river by the tide wich is important in this area. A small beach along the river (with SALTY WATER at the HIGH TIDE) is close to the "farm". It is a very nice place the closer sea beach is at about 8kms and there is a large choise of beach along the coast with the sea to the SOUTH. There are also a lot of COASTAL PATHS everywhere as well along our own small forest descending to the mouth of the river. This COSTAL PATH in our farm is specially beautiful. By "GOOGLE": KERLAÏC in RIEC sur BELON (the name of this small city) it is well seen. A swimming pool is available in a "FAIR ACCOMODATIONS SITE" close to the small beach.

Accomodations are in "organic materials " as hemp and fair wood. There is KITCHEN and TOILETS and small accessories spaces (close or open shelters) linked to the main construction. There are all moderns equipments with GAZ. In this main, granite and slate construction as all the ancient construction in this province of BRITANY, there are: ONE BEDROOM under the roof plus a storage space and a nice main room on the floor. Bedding available for FOUR PERSONS. A nice open space with a wodden platform in front of the house, a good privacy and close wodden shelter. The main small construction is 6 meters front by 6 meters deep.

Location: France - Kerlaïc Riec-sur-Bélon (on map)

The price
250€ a week in JULY - AUGUST
200€ a week in JUNE - SEPTEMBER

September in BRITANY and all along the ATLANTIC COAST of FRANCE is very nice. Supplements for sheets and DESHIMA MACROBIOTICS PRODUCTS. An organic backery is in our vicinity, a lot of organic vegetables are available in the surroundings.

- LORIENT AIRPORT '( linked with PARIS -LYON etc) 10 km from the MAIN ROAD (FOUR LANES -TOLL FREE "N165") FROM RENNES (N24 before "TOLL FREE") and NANTES (TOLL MOTORWAYS from the EAST: PARIS -LYON..etc from both RENNES and NANTES).

For more informations ask:
Michel Orjubin

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